Forte HRIS

Payroll Cloud Software & Mobile Employee Self Service with Cloud Application Technology

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Payroll Cloud Software Indonesia

Forte HRIS is an application-based Payroll Cloud Software Indonesia. Powerful software to calculating payroll, Tax PPh 21 & BPJS. Forte HRIS create synergy between feature, speed, security and simplicity. Helps manage your Company HR in this era of technology. With Cloud Based Application, managing payroll and attendance will became easier. When data is received or processed, all ongoing data will be encrypted. Providing security and direct control for your HR. With additonal integration, Mobile Employee Self Service can provide employee self request or approval, reducing work load on your HR team.

Cloud Based Application

Made with simplicity and flexibility for user, updated with today technology demand.

Mobile Employee Self Service

Employee can access Knowledge Center, Employee Data, Salary Slip, A1 Tax Form PPh21, submiting attendance with GPS and request HR related transaction.

Pivot, Report & Document

Exporting, review or printing document very easy, supported by pivot table and dashboard. Analyze and managing complex data into information with simple steps.

Salary Component based on Formula

Flexible with company policy, Forte HRIS provide formula feature to providing simple formula adjustment of salary component.

M-Attendance & Employee Activity

Forte HRIS equiped with Mobile Attendance, make employee possible to take attendance with Geofencing Technology. With Employee Activity, employee can share their activity with Geotagging.

Application Support

Fast application support with email and remote meeting, your question will be handled faster and effectively.


Analyze Data Into Information as a Foundation in Policy Making

Forte HRIS provide pivot table and reports, can be transform to decision making. After decision has been made, Forte HRIS Formula will be setup based on new Company Policy, to ensure your continous improvement process.


Forte HRIS Mobile Employee Self Service

Quick, Smart and Easy Payroll Software Solution
User Friendly & Simple Interface

Every transaction’s menu provided in Home, so employee can do request, approve or read information easy and fast. Menu can be adjusted based on user access complied with company policy.

Access Employee Information Data with Ease

Employee can view personal data information, salary slip and 1721 A1 Tax Report, can viewed and direct download on their own too.

Knowledge Center

Information from companies and management can be directly received by employees through the Knowledge Center menu.

Attendance in Your Hand

Employee can take attendance directly from Forte HRIS Mobile Employee Self Service

Online Attendance from Your Smartphone

Improve work efficiency in your office. Repeated work should be done easily and automatically.

Employees can use the Mobile Attendance feature to make attendance from GPS radius that have been determined by the company. Employees can submit attendance easily without waiting in line for attendance.

Employee Activity is intended for mobile employees such as sales and employees who often do Work outside office. Employees can save their activities with GPS and photos of activities. Manager can check and review the results of the employee's activities.

Mobile Attendance and Employee Activity is equipped with GPS tracking that can be setup with photos of activities, making it easier for managers to check activites outside the office.