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Forte HRIS - Cloud Payroll Software Indonesia is developed by always prioritizing the quality and ease of use of the application. Forte HRIS is made flexible to keep abreast of company developments. The application is also updated with Labor Regulations and Income Tax 21.

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Easy & Flexible HRIS Cloud Apps

Kan'z Informatics is part of the Kanz Group. We are experienced and focused in the HRIS Software field with several products that can be selected according to company needs. Development of Forte HRIS is based on experience driven by market needs that are updated continuously to keep in line with technology advance.

Cloud Apps

When managing employee to payroll, we believed there is easy way so Company HR can use automation work on repeated task and do something more productive.

Application Support

When using Forte HRIS, our Support Team ready to give efficient and effective solution to your company needs. For ensure support quality, we use Ticketing Support so every case tracked systematically.

Cloud Apps

We are Excited to be Your Payroll Solution

We are ready to discuss your needs. We will provide solutions for your needs directly. Additional questions can also be asked during the presentation.

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Extensive Experience

Our focus is on the HRIS application so we have a lot of experience in implementing HRIS.

Good Service

To complement the flexible and powerful application, we provide fast and efficient system support and implementation.

Latest Stable Technology

The development of technology is inseparable from user convenience. Therefore we always use the Latest Stable Technology.

Innovative Ideas

In developing application features, Forte HRIS is inseparable from the interface design and system core. We always use innovative breakthroughs in sustainable development.